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  • Patrick Bosmans

    Hello Maksims,

    I see that you have a ticket with Support at this time. I am going to followup with some specific detail there.

  • Zenjob

    Hi there, 

    are there any updates on this issue?

    I am also looking into reporting the average reply time.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Carlos Navarro

    Hi, Martin. We do have a metric called Requester wait time (min), which measures the number of minutes a ticket spends in the New, Open, and On-hold statuses, which is generally when you're customers are waiting for a reply from agents. After you add it to your query, you can click on the metric and select AVG as the aggregator of this metric to get the average and click Apply (see Changing the metric aggregator).

    If you're trying to measure how much time agents actually spend working on tickets and composing replies, the Time Tracking app metrics would probably be more suitable. Have you checked those out?


  • Zenjob

    Thank you Carlos!

  • Maksims Svjastins

    Hey, Martin! 

    The solution provided by Carlos will actually show you the combined time that the ticket spends in these statuses - the more interactions there are in the ticket - the longer will be the metric. 

    We were looking for an average reply time of every email customer sends us. It's not something Zendesk can do out of the box - but we were able to create a custom metric that is close to what we wanted (it does have some limitations). 


    Here's how it looks: 

    IF ([Changes - Field name] = "status"
    AND ([Changes - Previous value]="open" OR [Changes - Previous value]="new")
    AND [Comment present] = TRUE
    AND [Comment public] = TRUE
    AND [Updater role] != "End-user")
    THEN Value(Field changes time (min))

    It calculates the time between the ticket status updates - from the customer reply to agent reply with a ticket status update.  (From Open to Ticket statu change + Public comment) 


  • Zenjob

    Thank you Maksims.

    That is really helpful! And I see your point of looking only at the time between answers. That's what I initially looked for.


  • Ninja Raj (SG-CS RTFM)


    Its show error . Kindly anyone help > need to find totally avg reply time ( base on group).

  • Taylor Bowser
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Ninja Raj


    Thanks for reaching out! It looks like the attributes are not being recognized in the formula editor. These attributes are only available in the Support: Ticket Updates dataset. Can you confirm if you are using this dataset to create your report? 


  • Michelle Mattern

    @... super helpful - thank you for sharing your custom metric! I am looking for something similar - the average reply time for any request. I want to capture the initial response time AND the response time of any future injuries on the same ticket. I assume that in my scenario, I want to remove this line from your metric:

    AND ([Changes - Previous value]="open" OR [Changes - Previous value]="new")

    Does that sound correct?

    @... thank you for your reply, too - I was previously trying to use the 'tickets' dataset but this worked when I switched over to the 'ticket updates' dataset.

  • Melanie Scarth

    Following here: 

    Can someone help me to create this in explorer ? 


    This is what I currently have : But would like the average reply time

  • Michelle Mattern

    @... you need to swap out the "first reply time" metric for a custom metric as described by Maksims and Ninja Raj earlier in this thread.

  • Si Ying Tan

    Thank you for sharing the recipe.

    I tried it but noticed it seems to measure the time based on calendar hours (not business hours)? The figures seem a lot larger than we're expecting.

    Similarly, we're also looking to measure the average time taken for our customers to receive our responses, in business hours context.

  • Devan La Spisa
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hello @...,

    You should be able to use the metric Requester wait time business hours to accomplish this and resolve the extra data you are running into. 

    Requester wait time - Business hours (min) The number of minutes a ticket spends in the New, Open, or On-hold status during business hours. This number is only measured after a ticket's status is changed from New/Open/On-hold to Pending/Solved/Closed (Requester wait time - Business hours (min))

    Best regards. 


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