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  • Carsten -

    Hi Fermín

    Unfortunatly no - When i use the function i usually notify on the one that i close. So that the customer knows that i have closed this ticket - My feeling is that the customer is less likely to respond to the wrong ticket

  • Joel Hellman

    Fermín, if you want to prevent emails being sent out even if agent forgets to untick those boxes, you could modify your trigger that notifies the requester of an updated request.

    The purpose would be to not trigger an email notification to the requester, even though a public comment was added (by the merge action).

    It wouldn't prevent requester from seeing the comment, if the ticket was later updated, but that would never happen for the closed ticket, and for the other ticket, I think its just fine its visible.

    The merge event is just not important enough to warrant a ticket notification to the requester, perhaps?

    To make sure requester doesn't get a notification on the ticket that was closed by merge, add a condition like this:

    To make sure the requester doesn't get a notification on the ticket that got another ticket merged into it, add a condition like this:

    Note that the string in comment text part is locale dependant (specifically it seems to use the default locale set in the Zendesk, not the current users current locale). So it might not be the english string you need to use here.

    The point here is to match the text that the merge comment adds to the ticket during a merge. Since this string might change due to translation updates, if you see it stop working one day, check the string is still matching the comment added by the merge action. 

    This all assumes you can edit triggers, and you need to modify it depending on how you have set up your notification triggers. Also, it wouldn't prevent any CCs from being notified, as CC notifications are hard coded and not controlled by triggers at the moment. 

  • Jesse Marion

    Upvote this! such a simple request


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