Support tip: Highlight added and removed tags in Ticket Events view


  • Tal Admon

    If you are uncomfortable with adding Tampermonkey script, you can use a bookmarklet:

    Add a bookmark to your browser called "Highlight Tags" and add the following as a URL:

    javascript:jQuery(".audit-events .Change .info").each(function(){if("Tags"==jQuery(this).find("label").text().trim()){var e=jQuery(this).find("label").html(),t=jQuery(this).clone().children().remove().end().html(),i=jQuery(this).find("del").html(),n=jQuery(this).find("div.via").html(),l=jQuery(this).clone().children().remove().end().text().trim().split(" ");l=l.filter(function(e){return""!=e});var r=jQuery(this).find("del").text().trim().split(" "),c=l.filter(function(e){return!r.includes(e)}),d=r.filter(function(e){return!l.includes(e)});c.forEach(function(e){t=t.replace(e,'<b style="color:green;">'+e+"</b>")}),d.forEach(function(e){i=i.replace(e,'<b style="color:red;">'+e+"</b>")}),console.log(e),jQuery(this).html("<label>"+e+"</label>"+t+"<del>"+i+'</del><div class="via">'+n+"</div>")}})

    When you open a ticket events page, click the bookmarklet in the bookmarks toolbar and the tags will get highlighted.


  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    This is awesome!

    Thanks for sharing Tal :) 

  • Catherine Michalak

    This is really great - very much needed!

  • Oliver Tietze

    @... thank you very much for that snippet.

    And Zendesk, what do you think of setting up a "diff" view for the tags in the event view? There is NO NEED of "putting all tags, strikethrough, putting all tags again plus one, happy searching".

    PLEASE. (I'm, sure this is already in the product suggestions, I just didnt find it)



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