Best practices for managing known issues?



  • Heather Rommel
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    Hi Justin,

    This is a fantastic post. I have been searching for a good solution to this myself and open to any suggestions someone can come up with! I can tell you've done your due diligence as I have.  We used the Answer Suggestion App after posting about the known issues on Guide so that hopefully the article would be suggested and show up for the agent.  That didn't do it either...

    Will continue to watch this....

  • Justin Fenech

    Hi Heather,

    Glad there is someone out there just like me. Maybe that means there are others like us that have solved this very problem.

    I too have used Answer Suggestion/Knowledge Capture Apps to try and surface these "known issue" articles, however, I found it to be too inconsistent and not doing so well at surfacing them when it counts. I imagine your experience is much the same?


  • Zac Garcia

    Hi all,

    We have challenges around this as well (I think every organization managing live service products struggles in this area). We have tried some similar solutions to yours (I love your problem ticket app - we're just using a separate view as our agents aren't on Play Only). We are posting known issues in our Help Center. One area that we've found a little traction is by sending a summary of new known issues in a weekly newsletter. This keeps the Help Center top of mind and pushes updates to the agents, instead of requiring them to go and check the list repeatedly.



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