Tip: Keep Yourself SANE By Organizing Your Triggers

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  • Brandon Tidd
    Community Moderator
    The Humblident Award - 2021

    Kelsa Henry What a great suggestion!  I'm not aware of anything up and coming in this regard, but I would definitely suggest cross-posting this on the new Admin Center Feedback Page. Cheers!


  • Kelsa Henry

    Hi Brandon, 

    Thanks for this great tip however, can I get the same structure for views. My account has 4 pages of Views. (1.5K agents) 

    If 1 page has 100 views (no easy way to tell apart from manually counting)...that means we've got nearly 400 view. As an admin, it's definitely not contributing to my SANITY as the overall admin in keeping up, finding and managing them. Is that part of your product line to have views categorized as well so that I may retain the last bit of SANITY I have left?


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