possibility to start a new chat conversation in our bot


  • Bhagyashree

    This functionality is very much needed. Without this, messaging cannot be used at its full potential. Onur Okutan any, updates on this? When Zendesk is already using this for support, can you please guide us on how we can create the same custom script in the meantime?  

  • Nick S

    Hi team, can we please get an update or revised timeline? Latest update from Zendesk was that this was in active development and due at the end of 2022, we're now over half way through 2023.

    One of the biggest pain points we're seeing from our end-users is the inability to create a new conversation for a separate issue when the previous messaging ticket is still being investigated. The lack of this feature is meaning agents and end-users want to revert back to session-based live chat as they know they can have multiple conversations on the go as needed. 

  • Onur Okutan
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks very much for your continuous feedback highlighting the importance of this capability. Our teams are currently working on this, but we are not able to share a delivery date at the moment. Once we have a timeline to share, we will provide updates here.

    In the meantime, you can check out our Support SDK and Sunshine Conversations SDK which offer the multi-conversation capability, as they might be a good alternative for you.

    Thank you.

  • Damianne

    Following along as I'd also like to use this feature.

  • Saaya

    Absolutely we need this feature since when customers sent tickets to us, they cannot use a bot


    Hi all devs,

    Hope this helps some of you in the business or enterprise realm.

    I commented on this thread 10 months ago in anticipation and I'm currently not happy about the vagueness in the responses around timelines and tutorial URL's with no directions or price impact discussions. Also, the features in Zendesk have changed ALOT over the last year and a half from what the Sales team sold us initially versus what we had to buy now to get what we needed.

    So, here is what we are doing to accomplish this.

    1.) We had to buy a Sunshine Conversations license from Zendesk as an add on to our account.
    2.) We have built a Custom Comms Engine that manages and creates Sunshine Conversations - which in turn creates tickets in Zendesk itself (this is a really nice mechanism on their part).
    3.) You will have to use the Sunshine Messenger (Not the built in Zendesk Live web chat) in order to leverage the Multi conversation tech. Sunshine Conversations Docs | Web Messenger (smooch.io)
    There is obviously a lot more custom dev required for form injection, switchboarding etc, but so far we are having success.
    4.) Lastly, but maybe most importantly. If you are not using Zendesk Channels directly via Zendsk Admin and you perhaps have a third party provider (or you are managing it yourself directly like we are) for whatsapp/sms/messenger etc then you will need to find a third party BOT provider.
    Zendesk Bots can only talk to the built in Zendesk channels where Zendesk is the provider.
    There are alot of bots out there (Botpress/Haptik/DeepVerse just to name a few)

    I hope this message has a short shelf life and all of the above gets implemented directly into Zendesk soon, but until this is available you probably just want to write everything yourself. 

    If you are Zendesk business user, I would suggest getting in touch with your Zendesk business manager/Sales person and arranging a meeting with a Zendesk Architect to discuss the pricing and detailed steps forward.

  • HawkX

    After a long back and forth with support, I actually managed to get it "somewhat" working. While it is not ideal, until Zendesk actually fixes it properly, its the best we can hope for :)

    Basically Zendesk has 2 Ticket "Status"
    Ticket Status, and Status Category.

    BOTH of which contains Open, Pending and Solved.
    However Ticket Status has "New" has its 4th option,
    While Ticket Status Category has "Closed" as its 4th.

    Ticket Status Category is completely non accessible by admins and can only be modified using triggers.

    So the "solution" was to go into our Zendesk Admin pages,
    then in Objects and Rules, Business rules, and finally select "triggers"
    Create a new one in there
    Put whatever name/category for it
    Then make the condition be : "Ticket status" "is changed to" "Solved"
    and the Action : "Status Category" "Closed"

    This will auto close tickets when it is set to solved, and immediately allow the user to start typing again anything and the bot will work from the start.

    I would also recommend adding a new view in Workspaces - Views
    so that "closed" tickets can be displayed (because tickets wont ever be in the "solved" status anymore)
    Simply add "Status Category" is "closed" as a new view and save it.
    (feel free to make new ones for better and more sorting, in the past week, current month, etc. and to disable the "solved" one since they will always be shown as empty.)

    The ONLY downside I have found so far is that "closed" cannot be edited at all... so we cannot even add a "TAG" or anything once it is closed which is a bit stupid...

    But at least it allows for instant resetting of the bot for users.

    The best outcome would be that when a Ticket is set to "solved", writing in the chat-bot again restarts the bot instead of re-opening the ticket. Solved Tickets should only be re-opened when the user reply to the EMAIL.

  • Michael Jagt

    Mick O'Donnell You've mentioned back in 2021 and 2022 that this was high priority on your roadmap and that it would be released in 2022. Now we're closing 2023 and it's still not there - what is going on? This feature is absolutely essential and the biggest hassle for our customers who have multiple queries.

    And as others mention, this is out of the box on Intercom and other CRM systems. Makes no sense Zendesk is: a) are not prioritising this and b) promising it's high prio but apparently not true?

  • Michael Jagt

    Onur Okutan We have the Support SDK which I believe is the same as the Messenger SDK? (As you definitely know, nobody understands all your 17 different SDKs) and we are not getting the option for multiple conversations on the Messenger for the customers. How is that set up?

  • Ben Graham

    I agree once again that this is just getting ridiculous, as it is a necessary release that seems like we will never receive.  All we get is the same vague response copied/pasted every 4-6 months.  We have begun to seek alternatives to Zendesk and this is really close to being our tipping point.  

    Something other than this vague response... "Our teams are currently working on this, but we are not able to share a delivery date at the moment." ...would be appreciated, although you also mention "check out our Support SDK and Sunshine Conversations SDK which offer the multi-conversation capability" which leads me to believe that if this is your idea of a solution "in the meantime", then this update/feature delivery is not in the near future since almost no one has time to build a custom product via your SDK's just to wait for a supposedly upcoming release.

  • Nathan Groblewski

    If anyone on this thread is contemplating a move to Sunshine Conversations just to obtain this functionality, I would strongly advise against it.

    Our account reps recommended we make the switch to obtain the conversations functionality. Since that time, we have been informed that Sunshine conversations will eventually be deprecated. Additionally, there is just an overall lack of clarity and support around the product offering.

    Some of the core features of the widget itself don't function as specified, and I've now just been informed that Answer bot flows within Zendesk are not supported on the sunshine widget. I understand that Zendesk acquired Smooch and all of this is in process of being migrated, but to say our experience has been painful would be an understatement. Save yourself the trouble and find another path forward

  • Spyros Spyrou

    Is this feature out in production yet?

    If not, how can a user restart the bot so it takes them through the series of questions we have configured?

  • Ollie

    Following this thread as this is a feature we need ourselves as we're reviewing switching to Messaging and this will most definitely be a blocker. The responses from the Product Manager have just been copied and pasted several times with no explanation for the delay. I find it unreasonable that there is still no timeline when this originally was scheduled for 2022, we're now in the latter stage of 2023.

    Is this feature available in the Zendesk Support widget because you're using Ultimate for your bot solution? If so, how is this implemented with Ultimate?

    If this is something Zendesk have custom added at least inform us on how so we can have developers looking into this on our end.

  • Rob Cutler

    Where is this on the road map?  We switched from Intercom and this is creating much confusion with our team.  Is there a way to quickly create another ticket off of the continuous conversation that keeps opening up the original ticket?

  • HawkX

    Sadly, the only way right now with zendesk without programming your own addon or downloading one is to force-close the ticket when it is set to resolved, see my tutorial a few posts above on how to do this if you want...

  • Jeffrey Porter

    The downside to this is you can't ever have more than one open ticket per customer.  We have a need for our accounting team to have open tickets simultaneously with our support team.

  • Lilly Parchatka

    We also really need this function

  • Antonio Auctane

    Hi All,

    In our case all our interactions with customers are based on the order number, therefore we need a ticket ID for every order number. For every ticket and its related order number the agent will have to open a side conversation with a third party. The current set up of not being able to have multiple conversations attached to different order numbers is another blocker to migrate to messaging. 

    In simple terms when the issue change we need a new conversation and a new ticket ID. 

    When will you enable this please?



  • Inna Khoma

    I'm just so disappointed that Zendesk has been promising this feature for years and still has not implemented it yet. Guys, it's crucial for user experience, not only for our customers but for agents as well! Seeing never-ending conversations with different topics doesn't help in solving issues and being productive. 

    I spent so many hours with my team building a bot to find out now that I can't use it as expected. Moreover, I spent time talking to a support rep who didn't know the "New conversation" button wasn't available for us, Zendesk customers. 

    Reading all the comments convinced me that I need to look up another app for chat and bots.

  • James Clark

    +1 for this please. Seems odd that I have to click a "new converstion" button to speak with Zendesk, but that I can't implement the same workflow for our clients using Zendesk. 

    Any update on this?

  • Steven Naessens

    We would also like to have this feature enabled. Customers need to be able to see each ticket individually and not in one long conversation. Can you update me asap on this development? 

  • Chris

    Mick O'Donnell Are you able to provide an update on this please? This seems to have been in the pipeline for 2 years. The previous comments suggest it was due in 2022, then 2023, we are heading into 2024. The ability to restart a conversation would be welcomed, at the moment this missing functionality makes it very difficult to go live with conversation bots.

  • Michael Jagt

    Chris Yeah it's ridiculous. So many features and posts are like this where product managers and support agents provide dealines on feature launches and then never delivers and stop replying to comments

  • Shawna James
    Community Product Feedback Specialist

    Hello everyone and thank you for your follow up on this post. Waiting on feature releases that get pushed out is understandably a frustrating experience. I spoke with our product team and I want to confirm that this product area is a priority for us and it is being worked on in 2024. I can not provide a more detailed timeline today, as is stated in our Community Guidelines, we do not share roadmaps here in the community, and all projected delivery dates are subject to change without notice. We appreciate and value your business, and look forward to having more updates for you in the coming year! Thank you.

  • Mathilde RASOANAIVO

    +1 for this feature.

    Indeed, it is frustrating but most of all beyong understanding as this feature is already released for Zendesk Support widget. It feels like the widget is not 100% usable and that's a pity. As this feature is not yet relased, we are not sure of implementing the widget and are thinking to implement another anwser bot.  I know that you are working on it but please do not let us frustrated that long !

  • Chris

    Shawna James It was reported that this feature was in active development back in November 2021 by Mick O'Donnell. The feature is already available on your own web widget. Whats the hold up here?

  • Mick O'Donnell
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello everyone and thank you for your follow up on this post. Waiting on feature releases that get pushed out is understandably a frustrating experience.

    This feature is still on our roadmap but due to internal changes we've had to prioritize other releases in 2023 which has moved this launch date of this feature to late 2024.

    We are aware that there are opportunities for improvement in our communication around product releases and managing expectations. I understand how our recent updates about moving the timeline beyond the previously communicated might have caused frustration because we didn't reference our guidelines in this post. Roadmap timelines are always estimates and can change for various reasons. In this case, we had a prioritization change which caused us to adjust our workflows. Going forward we will be sure to be more clear about timeline estimations and provide updates when changes to the timeline come up so as to avoid confusion in the future.

    I want to assure you that this is still on our roadmap and we will provide an update in this thread in the coming year when we have more information. For the time being, since our internal teams have the information we need to prioritize this feature, we are going to close this thread for comment. Please "follow" this post to be alerted of any future updates as we provide them. Others will still be able to up/down vote this post in case there is more interest in the meantime. Thank you again for sharing your feedback and for being valued customers of Zendesk.


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