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    Lisa Tam
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey there,

    Thanks for your suggestion. We understand the Flow Builder's automatic translations may not always be ideal and having more control here can help. I'll log this one for future consideration. Thanks!

  • Chris Boyd

    It's another +1 from me.

    Language and translation is a core part of our business and products, so having no control over Flow Builder texts is really disappointing and could potentially affect our brand image when the translations are poor.  We have dedicated teams specifically for translating and we can't take advantage of this when using Flow Builder.  In the long term, we may have to integrate a third party solution that does provide this.

    Hopefully you can add this important feature to your roadmap, so we have the same customisation we're used to in Guide and Support.

  • Tim (do not use or mail to this account)

    I have difficulties to believe that this is not a standard option.

    This feature not working slows us down to almost a halt. What solutions are there right now?

    "What would help is being able to duplicate Bots so I can make 1 for each domein (11) a bit faster. But it looks like we have to manually create every bot from scratch(?)." - This only works if you create a new brand for each bot but then you need to make a new KB for each brand as well. You can not easily duplicate those either.

  • CJ Johnson

    This is definitely a key feature to adoption by more accounts. We'd love to use Flowbuilder, but until we can use our own translations and texts, its' just not a feasible option. 

  • Gravity CX Admin

    +1 from me as well.

    We have a few customers that want to provide external links as the 'message' at the end of a flow. eg: "click here to find more" (linked text would be awesome as well) which then takes the end user to some other website.

    These customers maintain multiple language websites so to somehow provide the relevant language link (via dynamic content) would be great.

    I guess somehow Flow Builder would need to know what dynamic content to use - I was thinking somehow based on language detected in the browser which then determines what Flow Builder language is used.

    Otherwise, and Chris Boyd this might be something you could use, we'd need to build multiple flows, one for each language, and ask the end user what their language is at the very start of the flow. There are some problems with this approach including that you can only offer 6 options per step (so any more than 6 languages wouldn't work) and we can't 'workflow' flow builder from a custom field (at least I don't think we can). Plus the amount of work multiples by how many languages you support - the flow builder build would get very big, very quickly.

  • Alicia Schaefer

    Another +1 from me! 

    We were very much looking forward to using the bot and flow builder on our 4 sites but found that between the translations not being good and the English text in some spots that won't auto-translate at all, we had to turn it off on all 3 of our non-English sites. 

  • Ahmed Zaid
    Community Moderator

    As a workaround, my team has suggested parallel brands to get extra widgets and deploy translated flows as separate bots. It comes with a lot of complexity that dynamic content could solve.


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