Custom field data in Live Data dashboard in Explore


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    John Costello
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Aileen, 

    Live Custom fields is something that we are working towards on our long term roadmap. We need to make some adjustments to our infrastructure in the coming year in order to achieve this feature on our Live Dashboards. 

    What types of custom fields do ye folks use and what would you like to measure against it ?


    John Costello 

    Explore Product

  • Aileen D

    Hey John! A custom field we'd love to add to the widget would be something like 'trending topics'. For example, if there's a widespread bug or outage in our product and a lot of customers report it to us via the help center, the Live Data dashboard would be able to flag this immediately and alert us.

  • Ian Marston

    Hi John

    We have a custom ticket category set-up, which is defined by the agent when solving the ticket.

    I would love to be able to see the count of each selected category for that day, rather than waiting to view on Explore queries the next day.

  • Ileana Treviño

    Hi, any updates about this subjet?

    One of my clientes wants a custom fiel in the live data dashboard in Explore.




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