Condition for public comment not present?



  • Heather Rommel
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    Hi Panning, Ryan I hear you! 

    I have 2 options for you, the first kind of stinks. 

    Option 1:

    • In one of my instances, I had added a tag solve_comment_needed whenever a ticket was created and the requester was an end user.
    • Then I remove that tag when the ticket was set to solved AND a comment is Present.
    • Then I had yet another trigger (at the bottom of your list because order matters here) that reopened the ticket if it still had the tag and added a private comment so the Assignee would know to make a public comment before solving.

    Pros: easy to put in

    Cons: convoluted! Also sometimes an agent set the ticket to Solved and THEN added a comment to the customer so it can be annoying to the Agents until they get used to making the comment at the same time as submitting as solved.

    2nd option:

    • Create a Resolution Summary custom text field, add it to the applicable forms.
    • Make it a required field at Solve.
    • Optionally include the custom field placeholder in the trigger that sends out the Solved Ticket notification to the customer.

    I wish there was an easier way! But hopefully one of these help.



  • Panning, Ryan

    Thanks for the ideas! Both make sense. Yep, just wish the criteria has an "Is Not" operator to make it easy...


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