Web Widget Parity Methods in Messenger SDK


  • Travis Bartlesenson

     SDK will verify an unauthenticated client in the discussion. Information will persevere across the entire stream while changing from Unauthenticated to Authenticated transformation. For more data, follow include documentation.
    escription: Brand will actually want to show custom Welcome Messages with non-rich substance.
    Bugs fixed

    Date picker - Single choice doesn't feature the chose day,
    Organized Content:
    not predictably looking to the base,
    dispersing inconsistent except if you look up and move down,Unread Message Divider not appearing in specific situations and not accessible for assistive innovation users,Updated LPMessagingSDKModels to same iOS focus as LPMessagingSDK,Scroll to base button isn't accessible for assistive innovation clients, Enabling non-message Read Receipts to help assistive innovation,
    Fixed issue with wrong mistake messages introduced assuming that Audio message from Consumer fizzles.


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