zendesk package for react native


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    Mick O'Donnell
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Harsh,

    Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, this is a third party package that Zendesk doesn't support.

    Although we have seen some interest from our customers to provide a React wrapper for our mobile SDKs, we don't current support our SDKs running in React at this time. That said, if we do see an increase in demand for better React support, we will of course reconsider this decision in the future. 

    Note: It is possible for any business developing a mobile app in React Native to create a wrapper that would allow that business to run native Zendesk SDKs within an app built in React Native without support from Zendesk. There is more information on this here.

  • Harun Rasid

    Support for React Native would be awesome!

  • Mostafa Magdy

    Please support React Native.

  • Frederick Ayala

    Vote up

  • Fernando Stefanello

    Any updates to support React Native?

  • Alvaro

    Please support React Native.

  • Adam Rowe


  • Alan

    +1 to react native support

  • Sarah Brittan

    Please add a React Native package for Zendesk

  • Dave Dyson
    HI Fernando, welcome to the community! We don't have an update on this at present.
  • Luka Kalashov

    +1 to react native support

  • Geunhyeok LEE

    I developed Zendesk messaging SDK wrapper for React Native. Now support all of Zendesk messaging SDK features (chat, push notifications, user authenticate, ..and more.). Check out this project if you're interested :)


  • Tess Peer

    React Native support is going to be very important to us

  • Alexander Hughes

    Would love react native support. Specifically if there’s a way to display the chat window as a screen instead of a modal in react native that would be great. Also an easier way to set up push notifications for react native would be great. And lastly if the SDK supported manually selecting dark theme or light theme rather than being based on the users system theme that would be excellent.


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