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    Martin Holmes
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Adrian & Lee, 

    Recently there was a community post asking a very similar question. 

    The latest update on that community post thread (from Neil) explains where we are with group routing and presents a possible workaround: 

    Any further questions, please let me know. 


  • Lee

    I agree on this as some of our call groups we would like to prioritize. 

    making availability for certain groups only or prioritizing groups would help. 


  • Adrian Bishop

    Martin Holmes

    Thanks for sharing, it is a potential workaround but we didn't really want to add additional groups if we can help it, Zendesk is becoming huge for us and we already have too many groups. We will look forward to further development, the skills on Talk sounds like a potential solution as our use case is specific to a language skill.

    For me, there are a lot of improvements which could be implemented for Talk, prior to even considering Zendesk as a ticketing system, alternative suppliers had offered much more intelligent routing, such as prioritising routing customers through to the agent they spoke to last time, and adding the call to an existing ticket thread. The latter where you have to keep merging phone call tickets to keep everything together really lets the system down for me.


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