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  • Hervin
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Henry,
    Thanks for creating such a detailed post. Reading over your inquiry makes sense and hopefully I'll be able to be of service to you.
    One thing I have to note right away is that Zendesk does not support the use of shared mailboxes. Non-standard email clients are not supported due to the added complexities of routing and the issues that come up while troubleshooting. I apologize that this runs against this potential workaround you've found in leveraging a Microsoft365 shared mailbox to redirect emails to create tickets in separate Zendesk Support accounts. More information on this limitation can be found here: Can I use an email alias, distribution list, or Google Group as a support address?
    With that being said, I understand that you wish to be able to have an end-user submit an email to two different support addresses to create two different tickets. Since there are hard limitations in this workflow, like the article you mentioned about sending one email to create two different tickets, in addition to issues with shared mailboxes - I think the best workaround would be to change your admins'/agents' workflow instead of creating different Zendesk accounts.
    I understand that changing business practices for your end-users may be difficult since you mentioned it is common practice in your company to send one email to several different addresses at once and have their different needs addressed appropriately. One thought here would be to ask your users to change this practice if they have a request that goes to different parties. 
    Another idea might be to have agents in your Zendesk Support manually monitor and assign tickets as they come in, kind of like ticket triage. That way, they can keep an eye out for any incoming tickets that have requests for more than one group. If there are two requests, perhaps they can manually create a ticket and assign it to the right group for the requester.
    I apologize for these limitations in working with Support and email, but I hope this information is helpful nonetheless.
  • Raphaël Péguet -


    We are currently facing the same issue and will be happy to get any tips related.

    Best regards,


  • Matthew

    Agree. strongly. and not a happy bunny

    this is an incredulous limitation and either an oversight by the development team or a sales ploy. 

    we have deployed 4 separate instances. (as recommended by Zendesk in the first) and have 2 partners who also use Zendesk support. and the best option is to tell our 4000 customers to change the way they send mails... Really! 

    we now have entered within my business road map a migration to a working support system. 

  • Raphaël Péguet -

    We also had to give up the migration for the part of the team that it was mandatory (1/3 of the users).

  • Zendesk Finance Administrator

    This is a significant issue - many organisations will be silently missing tickets with no way in Zendesk of knowing the email to their subdomain has been ignored.

  • Henry Palmroos

    We even hired an outside consultant to help us, unfortunately they were unable to resolve these technical issues which wasn't much an suprise for me, but hey, we are desperate :(.

    They had some ideas like using forms on the website for primary way of contacting us so that the user cannot send the request to multiple addresses, of course email would still be the "backup" way for contacting us. Or having a one main support address for all support requests in where the agents would sort and redirect incoming tickets to different support groups (not very elegant way to solve this because of privacy and security reasons) etc.

    In the end the problem remains, these solutions are just workarounds. The worst part is not knowing if you have missed something important.

    At this current stage I fear that two our deparments will stop using Zendesk, which is shame, as setting them up and training people was a lot of work only to run into this show stopper.

  • Wit-Gele Kruis Limburg


    We are also running into this problem. At our company (2000 employees - Non profit) we are in a process of migrating more and more departments to Zendesk. However, if this issue cannot be resolved I'm not sure if Zendesk is the way to go.


    I think it's quite normal for an end user to be able to email to multiple support addresses . I can give you multiple situations where this is absolutely necessary.


    Zendesk Admin Is there a solution on its way or are we having false hope and do we need to start looking at other, better solutions?




  • Sydney Neubauer

    Out of curiosity, what if the end-user has in the TO field 2 non Zendesk emails and a Zendesk email. Would the ticket still be created or would it skip Zendesk?

  • Romona
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Sid, 
    As long as there is a Zendesk email in the "To" field of an email, a ticket will be created.  It does not matter if there are other email addresses in the "To" field as well. Hope this helps.
  • Sydney Neubauer
    Zendesk Luminary

    What if in the To field, there is one support address and in the CC there is another. Is it based on trigger order on which one gets the ticket created for? Or is it random? Or does the TO field take the priority?

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Sydney,
    In this case a ticket would be created in the Zendesk instance listed in the To: addresses, not the one in the CC: addresses.
  • Greg Clapp

    My organization is facing the same problem. We have multiple support addresses, some of which are for city council members. There's no way we can train community members to only send requests to one support address. They typically don't know who to contact for most city issues, so they CC every address they can find. Triage and reassignment helps, but some council members still want a copy of the initial message they were CC'd on, even if it's not theirs to respond to.

    I created a proof of concept that's a potential workaround for us...

    First, set up a webhook that calls the Zendesk API, using the tickets/create_many endpoint.

    Next, set up a trigger that fires when a request is received that includes CCs. Add an action, "Notify active webhook," and dynamically create the JSON body using the Liquid template language to parse the CCs and create a new ticket for each one.

    This is the JSON body I'm using:

      "tickets": [
            {% for cc in ticket.ccs %}
                    "comment": {
                        "body": "{{ ticket.description }}"
                    "subject": "{{ ticket.title }} - copy #{{ forloop.index }}",
                    "group_id": {% if == "" %}1234567890{% elsif == "" %}0987654321{% endif %},
                    "requester": { "email": "{{ }}" }
                }{% unless forloop.last %}, {% endunless %}
            {% endfor %}                

    It creates a ticket object for each CC included on the original request and uses the original description, subject, and requester on each copy. I even added logic to assign to certain groups depending on the email address. This isn't ideal, because it means the addresses are hard coded in this obscure piece of config (who's going to remember to update it if the addresses change??), but it does the trick.

    You also need to make sure to conditionally add a comma between each object in the tickets array (but not at the end), or the API won't be able to correctly parse the JSON. 

    My code assumes that only valid support addresses will be used as CCs. If there's a chance other non-support email addresses may be included, you'll need to wrap this in additional conditional logic to check each address before adding a ticket object to the array for it.

    More info about Liquid:

    Realizing I can call the Zendesk API from a trigger that notifies a webhook was a game changer. Even more when I realized Liquid logic can be used to dynamically generate a JSON payload. Liquid can also be used in notification emails. It's super handy!

    This really gets into the weeds, but I hope it helps someone.


  • Sarah Julean


    We have the same problem at the moment, because it's necessary in some cases to write a mail to multiple Zendesk support adresses and have individual tickets for each adress included. 

    Is there a solution in planning? 
    Without any solution this is a huge complication for us if we want to implement more teams into Zendesk.

  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Sarah,

    As of today, Zendesk doesn't support the automatic splitting of a single ticket into multiple tickets for different departments. Each ticket usually remains within a specific department or group.
    However, Zendesk has various functionalities, including ticket sharing or routing rules, which might assist in forwarding a ticket to multiple departments manually or based on predefined conditions.
    I recommend reaching out to Zendesk's support directly to see if we might have any functionalities or workarounds that address your needs depending on your workflow implementation.

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