Article deletion log disappears...


  • Katarzyna Karpinska
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi 이지훈

    I understand the problem, but in case of deletion we are obliged to remove all the data and all the references to that data from our servers, therefore we can't show this information in the History tab. 

  • 이지훈

    hi Katarzyna Karpinska

    As you said, ticket deletion should leave no trace. However, the ticket deletion is listed in the audit log.

    We want to know who deleted the article and who deleted the user. But I can't find this record anywhere. This is a very dangerous security hole.

    What if someone deletes all our articles? How do we know who did it?

    I hope it gets patched soon.
    thank you for the reply.

  • royaleagle

    Katarzyna Karpinska
    There should be some audit log for this.  As 이지훈 pointed out, this is a huge security hole.  We are trying to figure out what happened with some articles that disappeared recently.  We quickly changed admin/publishing permissions to restrict it to only a few individuals,  but we still don't know who deleted the article.  When deleting a ticket in Zendesk Support, the ticket goes to a deleted folder for 30 days.
    There should be better warnings that an article is getting deleted from the system and better logs about who deleted an article.  Even if Zendesk doesn't reference the specific article, there should be an entry that @user deleted an article. 


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