Inaccurate Preset Date Filters - Last Week



  • Official comment
    Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you for all your great feedback and patience. 

    We’re excited to announce that:

    • By default, a user’s profile language determines the start of the week for that user.
    • You can now set a custom start of the week in the Admin settings.
    • This new functionality is consistent between the filters and the displayed time ranges.

    For details, see Setting the start of the week for reports and filters.

  • CJ Johnson

    I've had a bug ticket about this for aeons. Also, I had all my feedback posts older than 3 months deleted this week personally, and lost over 60 feature requests that I personally made, so I'm not surprised there's suddenly no existing feature request for it if they did this to everyone. 

  • Dave Dyson
    HI CJ, we're working on getting those older posts back -- thanks for your patience.
  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    HI CJ Johnson

    We do apologize for the removed posts; this was an error and not done intentionally. All community content that was created prior to 10/23/21 was removed by accident late last week. 

    We've identified what caused the problem and, as Dave said, are working to restore all of the removed content. It may take several days, but we do expect it to be fixed soon. For more details and updates, you can follow this thread in our announcements topic: 

    Service incident: missing community posts and comments

  • Naveen Rajan

    Any update on this? I have been spending days trying to figure out why my numbers aren't lining up when using filters vs preset date ranges for metrics in my queries only to finally stumble upon this post. Tried to just explicitly ask, but no response:

  • CJ Johnson

    This is still broken. This is very frustrating to see it marked completed and closed out, only to still see "all history - all history" show when no time filter is in place. That is not reflecting the correct time period selected. 


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