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  • Christophe Tiraboschi
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Wakao,
    If by spend time, you mean the update handling time, I recommend the article below that can give ideas on how to use this metric. There is also a step by step guide in case this metric is not created yet in your account:
    If we tweak the Example 2 of this article, we can see the number of tickets and the average handling time for this year and the previous one:

    Regarding including the field over time periods in this query, I am not sure what works best as it depends of the very nature of the field and how you use it.
    Could you please share a bit more details on how this field is integrated in your workflow?
    If the information you need to provide are too private to share here, feel free to open a ticket with us. The process is explained in this article:

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