Need some restriction in raising a follow-up ticket



  • Holly
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Vinodh, 

    There are a couple approaches you can take, but there is not a way to stop this behavior completely right now. 

    One way to reduce follow-up tickets created for "Thank you" replies is to increase the amount of time before a ticket reaches Closed status. By default, there is an automation that changes a Solved ticket to Closed after 4 days, but you can adjust the automation to allow for additional time, or deactivate it to have a full 28 days before a ticket's status changes from Solved to Closed. This way, a "Thank you" response will still reopen a Solved ticket, but it will not create an additional, follow-up, ticket.

    Another approach is to create a trigger that will automatically close tickets that contain a phrase like "thanks" or "thank you," but the risk here is that the trigger would still close a ticket that was updated with a response like "Thank you, but I still need help."

    There are others who are experiencing something similar, and there is a longstanding feature request for this kind of functionality here. If you have the time, I invite you to vote for the post and share details of your use case in the comments. Posts with a high level of engagement are reviewed by our Product team when it comes time to develop new products and features.

    Thank you!

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