Connect multiple Zendesk instances from one mobile app for chat


  • Erica Girges
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    Hi Raman,
    Thank you for posting your question to the Community! Yes it does have that capability. Prior to agent sign-in they should be prompted for the subdomain first. Therefore, they would just need to sign out then sign back in each time they need to access a different instance. 
    Hope this helps!
    Erica - Dev Support
  • Branimir Skarica

    Hi, the question is about a mobile app connecting to multiple Zendesk instances, while the provided answer is about agents accessing different Zendesk instances via browser. I am interested in the same thing as the original poster: we want our users to be able to access multiple Zendesk instances in the same app session. This does not appear to be possible, given the current API which works with a single instance:


    but I would still like to get a confirmation about it.

  • Christopher Kennedy
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    Hi Branimir,
    That is correct.  Our mobile SDKs only support one Zendesk instance running within the app at a time.

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