Assign default outbound call number to an agent

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    Widson Reis
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Annelisa Brown,

    We understand that being able to restrict a Zendesk talk line to specific group could be a useful feature for many customers. We don't have this feature in our immediate roadmap, but have added it to our backlog and will be reviewing it soon. 

    In the meantime one thing you could do to reduce the chance of confusion is to give the phone line nicknames, so it would be easier for the agents to tell the difference between them when calling. 


  • Steve Steffel

    I wanted to come and add my support for this idea. We have groups in different countries, and if an agent makes an outbound call and forgets to switch to the correct number, they're suddenly making an international call to a customer. Depending on the number of outgoing calls, there's a pretty big chance for someone to miss that they're calling out of the wrong phone line.

    I like the idea of setting the default by group, though I understand this would get confusing for agents in multiple groups. A field in the agent profile that's a dropdown for default Talk outbound line would be perfect.

    Thank you!

  • Katia Las Heras Uría

    Hello, I agree with Annelisa.

    It would be very useful if we could assign a default outbound call line to an agent/group, but keeping the option to choose another different by the agent if necessary.

    Thank you for your feedback!

  • daniel test

    Hi Annelisa Brown

    I managed to find a short workaround to assign the default outbound call line to an agent.

    I had the same issue in Enterprise where two agents had different default numbers. I noticed that both agents had a different default group, so I solved it by assigning the same default group.

    It would really be useful to be able to choose lines and assign them to an agent or group and be able to select a default line.


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