Share Sell Calendars


  • Chaitavat DMIT

    I agree with this request.

    It's not a make sense when you have Sell calendar but we can not work and see overview of team appointment/ task on our own sell calendar.


  • AtithanDMIT

    Can Sell's calendar show the activities of all the team members when they create Tasks? so the team leader can see all tasks on the calendar.

  • Ashley Blevins

    A related request: one of our users would like the ability to share their calendar/their availability with contacts using Zendesk Sell.

  • David Dougherty

    Seconding the OPs request. The internal Calendar should be sharable with other Zendesk users.

  • Charlotte Jamnadass

    I agree with this feature request. At the moment the calendar is pretty useless when all it does it copy another calendar into Zendesk. We need to be able to see all the calendars in the team.


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