Answer Bot / Messaging - Be able to serve segmented articles


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    Shiyu Zhu
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone, 

    Thank you for the feedback. A few months ago, we extended the articles step to support restricted help centre articles. This article describes the different behaviours of end-users based on their auth status. 

    As for specific customer segments, you can use the Make API step to determine the end-users segment. Using the branching step, you can build conditional logic to personalize the articles displayed. I hope this helps and please let me know if you have follow up questions. Thanks 

  • Michael Flyvbjerg Schau

    Same issue for us. I fully support this suggestion.

  • Katherine Isaac

    Yeah.... Our Help Centre is for logged in users.  If the bot would allow for Help Centre articles to show, a user would be forced to login with the click an article link, right?  We're only using Zendesk chat in our app, so our users would be authenticated anyway.

  • Roseanna

    I agree. Plus, it's important to note that Messaging doesn't even use Answer Bot. It uses the entire Help Center even if you don't want it to. (We want it to only use the articles with out Answer Bot label and Zendesk said I should request that in the Community posts). 

  • Doyle Clawson

    We're in a similar situation where we want to suggest articles for both launched and beta features to internal users but only launched items to external users.  Not being able to segment the suggestions by user group is highly inefficient and renders the tool mostly useless unless we decide to publicly publish our whole KB.


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