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  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Russel,
    This behavior of Chat when it comes to multiple brands is currently a known limitation. Only the default brand will be detected. Please refer to Multibrand known issues for more information.
    The only workaround for this is to utilize Chat triggers that will identify which Brand it came from by the use of tags. Once the chat has been properly tagged, you can then use Support triggers to setup the Brand for the tickets that will be created.

    As you can see on the Chat triggers above, I have used the condition for Visitor Page URL to identify the specific brand and tag it. Afterwards, you must create another Support trigger to designate the Brand.

    Feel free to optimize these triggers based on your needs.


  • Russell Da Silva

    Thank you so much Dane Adriano

  • Riccardo Centomo

    Hi @Dane Adriano unfortunately i have tried to test with assign the tag from the chet trigger and then catch the tag from the Support trigger but the ticket created from the live chat doesn't have the tag created from the chat. It seems the tag created in the chat still exist only in the Chat and not in the Support.

    So the Support trigger finally doesn't apply the right Brand


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