Allow to change multiple triggers conditions at once


  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Hi Gerardo

    Maybe you can use what is available already by reorganizing the way you do things.

    As you might have found out, changes sometimes take a long time to implement, even if lots of people just wait for them.

    My advice: 

    Are your triggers doing too much, i.e. can you split them so that they do less but also have less duplicated conditions?

    If you can isolate the language and have just 16 triggers for setting the language, then one trigger checking for certain conditions in 16 languages etc.

    The trick here is to have triggers use tags extensively, and use these to route the tickets to the right view etc.

    Yours truly


  • Gerardo

    Hi Peter Hochstrasser,

    Thanks for your feedback, this is something I already do. I am trying to figure out best ways to make that possible, as we are going to this change it is a bit annoying to add a condition to every trigger.

    Mine here was a suggestion to implement this for the future to see if other users think if this is something worth to have. 




  • Nina Olding
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks for the feedback, Gerardo! We're assessing various options to address this issue, and I understand it can be painful to manually change many triggers with the same conditions. I'm curious whether these triggers that reference the same condition share any other conditions, as well? We're considering either 1) creating more flexible logic (so perhaps you could combine triggers) or 2) allowing you to reference 'blocks' of conditions and only need to change them once - I'm wondering if either of both of these would address the specific issue you're experiencing. Please also note that right now, these are just concepts - we are not actively working to implement them, so your feedback at this point is very helpful to us in scoping and prioritizing. Thanks again for sharing!


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