Don't love the separate tab for admin settings now


  • Tim G

    Love that you raised this point Becky! 

    I came here to ask for the same thing... (assuming I'm talking about the same thing!).

    I would personally love it if it didn't keep bouncing you out of the tab (aside from the fact that it seems to be super inconsistent when different things in the admin centre bounce you into another new tab with e.g. Zendesk Support).

    For example, if the 'cog' icon which took you to the admin pages before, just loaded up the admin centre in the same tab (as below), that'd be great!! I feel a lot of the time I don't know where I am between Support and Admin at the moment, and it doesn't feel like it's an advantage to have it separate?

  • Rebecca Compton

    I think the separate tab does add value because you can configure in one tab and test in the other, but for those of us who have branded each of our instances differently, it is not clear in the admin tab, which one we are currently in.  If that admin tab kept the color branding the main application tab has, this could easily resolve this confusion.

  • Vincent Brendel - SweetHawk

    If you'd like to keep your admin settings on the same tab, you can now use the free Admin Center app.


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