Setting Up a Slack Notifier with Zendesk Webhooks


  • Eric Nelson
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    This is great Hawk! Thanks for posting it. 
  • CJ Johnson

    This is dope! Thanks for posting all these steps, I assumed it was a lot more coding intensive to get something like this set up. 

  • Whitney Whitmoore

    This was amazing... THANK YOU!  I really need help with the JSON body now. I keep getting an error.


  • Hawk Swearingen

    Whitney Whitmoore Here's an example of how we have set one of our notifiers up:

     "attachments": [
                "fallback": "<View Ticket - {{}}>",
                "title": "Ticket #{{}}: {{ticket.title}}",
                "title_link": "{{}}",
                "color": "good",
                "text": "Organization: {{}}\nForm Type: {{ticket.ticket_form}}\nDue Date: {{ticket.ticket_field_360011632491}}"


    With that, this is what we get (I've redacted confidential information): 

    There are MILLIONS of ways that the JSON can be set up. A more simple example would be: 

    "text": "New Large Project Ticket Submitted {{ticket.url}}"


    That JSON returns something like this: 


    I'm no JSON coding expert, so my knowledge is very limited to information I have Googled, but there are plenty of resources out there to help build out something similar to this. Hope this helps!


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