Non-Admin's (Agents) being able to Reset Passwords


  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Denise, Thanks for the feedback. Just to confirm: at present, only Admins can send the password reset email: Resetting user passwords
  • Denise Sehlmeyer

    @... is there a future plan for allowing others (even a sub group of Admins) getting this ability, in the future?

  • Dave Dyson
    I'm not aware of any planned changes to this.
  • Marty Ewings

    +1 on this

    This is something we have to deal with routinely, but we don't want to give all our agents Admin access just for this one task, and waiting for an ADMIN to come online in a Global Support Desk can be a bad customer experience

  • Rodrigo Machado

    Hi dears,

    What Denise mentioned is a huge demand here at the company.
    It is important that the ADM can delegate some configurations, as this one, to common agents. Perhaps within groups.

    This improvement would be very welcome.

  • Alison Cook

    +1 this is slowing down our business by having only Admins reset passwords. This should be an option in a custom role.


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