How to separate internal Knowledgeable from users Knowledgeable?


  • Kasper Sørensen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Liran Ben Yosef

    You can certainly use Zendesk for both internal and external KBs. There are two typical ways to do it:

    • One help center with both internal and external content. In this case you should set the "Visible to" field of your internal articles to be a user segments that is for internal users only. Typically the "Agents and admins" segment.
    • Separate brands and help centers. You can create two (or more) brands in Zendesk and have a HC for each of them. The internal HC you can restrict to only internal users.
  • Maggie St.Clair

    We have done it both ways that Kasper Sorensen suggests. Originally we did it all in one brand with the different visible settings. But after a few articles were incorrectly labeled and made visible to customers we opted to move to using a separate brand. We still, obviously, need to set the setting correctly but our customers cannot find it as easily should we make a mistake. This has actually allowed us to expand our internal KB even more. We also had a wiki for our teams and all of that content now lives in the Internal KB as well. Both of these options are decent but moving to a separate brand was best for us. 

  • Liran Ben Yosef

    Thank you both!

  • Bryan Riley

    You could also consider using different categories or labels within Zendesk to clearly distinguish between internal and external content. This way, your team can easily manage and maintain the internal knowledge base while providing a polished and user-friendly external experience on WordPress.


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