Report/Method/App/Any way at all - to show what "Views" a ticket ID would show up in


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    Salvador Vazquez
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Dominic Steel,

    Thank you for sharing this great use case. We currently do not have that sort of functionality to look at a single ticket ID and see what View(s) it is a part of. The current implementation is quite the opposite. 

    I'd like to make sure I understand the problem you are looking to solve to see if there are alternatives. It sounds like you'd like to know what ticket(s) are orphaned and not part of any shared View (assuming any shared view throughout the account). Am I understanding that correctly? Based on your processes are tickets not in Views typically not even looked at?

  • Dominic Steel

    Hey there - and thanks for replying


    You have got it about right there.   When I find a ticket that is in an open state and ageing but not being worked (from a global view) I am not able to tell what "operational views" it does appear in to go and talk to operational managers in charge of those veiws.

    Another challenge we face is when tickets appear in multiple views - it would be an excellent feature to be able to systematically identify tickets that fall into multiple views to be able to refine the view logic such that we minimise that...

    So - having been clearer on the use cases - are you aware of any ways to achieve these?




  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Dominic, I thought I'd chime in here. I don't think there's really an easy way to determine if a given ticket is appearing in more than one view. An important thing to keep in mind is that a View is a filter, not a folder. The best way (imho) to prevent "orphan" tickets is to have a well-defined, documented workflow that's as absolutely simple as possible to get the ticket from creation to ownership by an appropriate agent.
    So whether the initial routing is done by triggers or by a human agent who triages new tickets and sends them to the appropriate team, ideally you want a well-defined list of places that tickets can go, shared Views for each of these places that those teams work from (so each individual of a given team is all working from the same view, and not custom views they've built themselves), and training for those teams to ensure that tickets that arrive in those views are worked in an appropriate order (however you want to define that). 
    Does that help at all?

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