How do you exclude a "received at" email from an auto responder?



  • Dan Ross
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    Hey Haley,

    I feel your pain at the lack of an IS NOT operator. Come to this thread and add your voice to the those asking for this feature!

    As for the solution today, in this case, I'd create a trigger that runs before this one you're designing.

    In that trigger:
    Under ALL, Ticket is Created
    Under the ANY section, put each received at email you want to exclude from the workflow

    for the ACTION, add a tag that you can use for auto-responder exclusion (ex: tag1)

    In the trigger you're building now in your post, you just need to add a condition under ALL for 
    Tags do not contain 'tag1'

    Hope that helps!


  • Jacob the Moderator
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    Zendesk Luminary

    Hi Haley,

    Great question!

    Triggers run sequentially, so you can take advantage of this by having a trigger above the one that sends out the auto-response, this new trigger should target the tickets you don't want to send a notification and prevent that.

    For example, you could have a new trigger have the conditions:

    and its action be:

    • Add tag: "prevent_auto-responder"

    Now, you can add an ALL condition to your existing trigger:

    • Tags: have none of the following "prevent_auto-responder" 

    This way your tickets coming in on "" will have been tagged so they no longer meet the conditions in your notifying trigger.

    Best practise is to order and group your triggers by what action they perform, generally speaking in:

    • SET: Set field values, like priority or any custom fields
    • ROUTE/ASSIGN: Set group or individual assignee
    • NOTIFY: Send out notifications.

    Notifications are the last actions you would want to perform.

    Hope that helps.

  • Haley W.

    Jacob the Moderator Dan Ross Thank you both so so so much! This worked wonderfully. I appreciate the step by step guide that you both provided. 


    Have great days! :D 


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