Bulk end user deletion


  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Nicole,
    Fair feedback; in the meantime, since it's a relatively small number of users, you're probably better off just deleting them one by one by going to Customers in the Support interface (in the left toolbar), where you can search for them.
  • Mary Gleich

    This is a huge issue for us as well! 

  • William Sedgwick

    i need to delete 500 users and honestly without a search function this feature is entirely useless, and actually is taking me longer to use than just manually searching which is what im going back to.

    also another thing ive noticed is if you select someone and move to another page then go back you have unselected them. i believe no one tried to use this feature before rolling it out


  • Pratishtha Nahata
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Nicole, Mary Gleich, William Sedgwick - thank you for sharing your feedback, much appreciated. I'm keen to learn more about how frequently you need to use this functionality, whether it's primarily for end-users or agents as well, and how you currently perform this function. Please let me know if you'd be open to having a chat with us & I'll reach out to you via email, if not, please do feel free to respond in the comments here. 


  • Doug Ballard

    We have had an erroneous sync occur which has brought through 19000+ contacts. We are having a similar issue whereby the bulk end user delete function does not have the capability to handle this number of deletions, let alone be able to find them through our large number of pages. Implementing a filtering system for this (and capability of increasing amount shown) or even a search function, would make this an easier process and we could avoid looking for a third party application to assist. 

  • Andy Neely

    We need to do periodic scrubs of our current end users to delete all end users based on inactivity time. Having a way to filter and sort by "last activity" (not just "last updated" since that can be affected by any updates made to their Organization) on the Bulk delete end users tool would be SUPER helpful!

  • Jake Warren

    +1 for this to be easer than what's there today. Just an idea, but it would be great to have views be able to be set up for users and organizations much like we have for tickets. This way you could specify conditions of what is pulled into the view, and then check all the boxes and delete users/organizations (though the select all checkbox approach is impacted by it only selecting all for the page, not across all pages). 


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