New Team Members Page - inefficient


  • Tom Dupuche
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Yunmi Zaccaro,

    Thank-you for spending the time to provide feedback. The new Team members page is still a work in progress and I admit we haven't explained that very well.

    We are working on including the display of roles, add team member and seat usage before this page becomes the default experience. We will then be including better Groups management, CSV export and Bulk management of product access & role to name a few of the planned features.

    Regarding the converting of an end-user to a team member. Can you provide a little more information on your specific use case so we can think of the best solutions to this problem.

    Many thanks,

    Tom Dupuche

    Zendesk Product Manager

  • Evolt Pty Ltd

    Yes, it took me awhile to find how to add user, no link on the new page the old page has the link. 



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