"Zendesk for Teams App" requires too many critical permissions


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    David Gillespie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Josef Prandstetter,

    Thanks for flagging and we appreciate the concerns. 

    These permissions are required for the core functionality of the app to work. Whilst we appreciate that there are a lot of permissions, the app has a lot of features and for the features to work they require access to specific data.

    Please note that the integration doesn't store any customer or user personal information, any Teams message data or any Zendesk Ticket data. The requested data is used to process messages or streamline interactions.

    See responses to your specific questions:

    1. There is no documentation for this. If permissions are revoked then features will stop functioning.
    2. There aren't plans for this at the moment, but we have captured your feedback on this.
    3. Certain features require specific permissions. We need to work with the developer (Softserve) to confirm the specific list, if they can be revoked individually and what the impacts would be.
    4. See comment above.



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