No back button for Automations


  • Parag Pradhan
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello CJ Johnson,

    The quickest way to return to the list of Automations is to click on Automations from the left hand navigation.

    The functionality worked the same way when settings were in Support.  Thank you.

  • CJ Johnson

    Hi Parag, 

    It's still a pretty sub-par user experience, and doesn't match how triggers or macros look or work. It would be nice if it had a button, like the other settings do, to allow you to go back a page to the list. Additionally, clicking in the sidebar removes all the search terms I may have used to find the automation. 

  • CJ Johnson

    Also, since I posted, clicking on "Automations" in the side bar no longer works, either. I tested this in multiple browsers and this appears to have been removed. 

  • Qualaysia Parker

    Hello @...,

    When you click on automations in the left-hand navigation bar, it does not act as a way to return to the automations list but behaves more like a link with no action attached to it. Instead, you have to click on another link (triggers, skills, etc.), and then re-click the automations option to get back to the automations list.

  • CJ Johnson

    It's much worse now. This is really difficult and frustrating to use, there's no way to go back at all. The sidebar does nothing, the only option is to manually alter the url and hit enter. This is really unfriendly. 

  • Michael
    User Group Leader
    Zendesk Luminary

    Hi CJ Johnson - I too see the same behavior, I thought it was just me, glad to see I am not alone. I would love to see more consistency in the UI across Macros, Views, Triggers, Automations, and probably some others I am missing. 

  • Stephen

    Hi @...,

    I posted a thread on the topic of the UI being outdated on Automations last year ( - the Product Manager at the time mentioned that there would be changes coming to the Automations UI.

    Is there a timeline for when the Automations UI will be brought inline with the Triggers UI?

  • Rebecca Baur

    Everything reported in this thread is still an issue. I cannot use my browser's back button to get from a specific automation to the automations list, and I cannot click on automations in the left-hand navigation to return to the automations list. The only way to get back to the larger list is to manually edit the URL. It's been nearly 2 years since this was reported and no changes have been made. I am not looking for a major UI overhaul; this is basic navigation.  Not being able to go back seems like a bug.

  • Sydney Neubauer
    Zendesk Luminary

    +1 to this issue. I believe it was once updated that you could click on the side bar to get out but that doesn't work anymore. This is considered a bug from my standpoint as you can't get out of automations

  • Mucci Marinucci

    +1. The automations page experience is broken or subpar. It needs to be revamped to be more like the Triggers page experience.

    There is no back button / arrow or Cancel button within your automations. So, if I just want to review something and not make any updates or risk making erroneous changes, there is no easy way to "back out" of the page.

    Parag stated "The quickest way to return to the list of Automations is to click on Automations from the left hand navigation". This is false. Maybe it worked in 2022, but it doesn't any longer. When I click "Automations" in the sidebar, it does nothing.

    What I need to do is click some other item in the sidebar (like "Triggers"), then click "Automations" again to return to the Automations landing page. This needs to be fixed / updated.

    Additionally, the overall experience of building Automations needs an overhaul. It's not as fresh and easy to do like trigger building. Like, when I want to utilize tags in automations, why isn't it acting like Triggers? In Automations, you have to be sure you typed the tag correctly as there is no auto-complete function like in triggers. Additionally, you have to separate the tags by spaces. This just leaves too many possibilities for errors, especially if you're using tags as your nullifying condition! Too risky if you ask me.

    Finally, visually it's difficult to juts look at. With Triggers, each condition and area of conditions and actions are much more visually separated and very easy to find when looking for something quickly. In Automations, the style and formatting used for all conditions and actions make it super difficult to discern what I'm looking at, and I often miss or overlook a condition or action I'm looking for.


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