Jira to Zendesk migration


  • Tetiana Belevska

    There's also an automated data migration service called Help Desk Migration. Their app can import a big volume of data including comments and attachments, as well as default Jira fields to Zendesk automatedly. Or if you want to import custom fields, you can create them inside the app without jumping between help desks.

  • Elijah Stownton

    Have you tried 3rd parties to configure Jira to Zendesk integration? Skyvia, as an example, is pretty simple to use (no code) and has a freemium model. Take a look here.

  • Jacek Wizmur

    Hi @elijah Yes, Getint is exactly that - a 3rd party platform that can be used for integrating and migrating data to Zendesk/with Zendesk. We support integrating Zendesk with all types of Jira, Azure DevOps, ServiceNow, Fresh, Asana, Monday, ClickUp, Salesforce, GitLab, and many more :). The tool is being used by big and small companies like Lufthansa, Capgemini, Mercedes, VW, Deloitte, Sodastream, and many more.


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