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  • Jupete Manitas

    Hi Ruben, thanks for writing in! May we confirm if we're understanding it correctly. Are you trying to report tickets with multiple tags? Instead of having multiple rows of tags where some tags are present in one ticket? Looking into the available resources, it looks like you can do this through Reporting with tags. Particularly it sounds like you would want to use the formulas in either Finding tickets that have one of two tags or Finding tickets with multiple tags. That will depend on if you want to use OR or AND logic between the tags, respectively.

    Thank you!

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    Hi Jupete Manitas, I think Ruben Cortez is looking for a way to concatenate all the tags for a ticket ID so that both attributes only occupy a single table row. Example in this Google Sheet.

    Unfortunately, I don't think this is possible at the moment. We can join attributes manually, but that's not something one can easily maintain or escalate.

  • Jupete Manitas

    Thank you for this, Pedro! Appreciate it! Yes, it looks like that is what they are looking for. 

    Hopefully, this will help Ruben's inquiry.


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