New Team Members Page - Number of Licenses Available


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    Tess French
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Stuart, 
    Thank you for your feedback. We agree that seeing a seat count is a crucial piece of information. We're incrementally adding features to our team list page preview until it's fully featured enough to replace the older version of the page. Showing seats remaining is one of those features that must be included. So, while it's not there yet, we're working on getting there.

    Hopefully, this allays your concerns.
    - Tess

  • Laura Hild

    I agree, that is the first thing I noticed was missing from the new team members page. 

  • Brendan Kiel

    Same, within 3 seconds, I was turned off by this lack of clarity.  I was actually hoping the new page would give more of a breakdown to make it more visible how Licenses are consumed.

    For example, it would be good to be able to tell how many licenses are used by each type of agent (Administrator, Staff, custom roles, Light Agents, etc)


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