Subscriptions in Sell - we want your feedback!



  • Agnieszka Czajka
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you for your feedback Pierre! We will take your insights into consideration when extending functionalities of these solution. Some of your asks are on our roadmap and we hope to deliver them in near future. 

    Could you elaborate on the need to have information about external payments within your subscription data in Sell?  For what purpose these data are needed for you or your sales team? It would be great to understand your use case. 

  • Harry Bolton

    Needs to be linked with API to link it with Xero, stripe, etc


  • Madeline Storck
    Zendesk Product Marketing

    Harry Bolton would you be open to talking to us further about your feedback on Subscriptions? Are you open to a 30 minute call with our product manager?

  • Harry Bolton

    Madeline Storck Sure thing - we have a very defined (highly revenue-generating) use-case for this in our agency - if you want to send any invites


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