Link authenticated conversation to existing end-user instead of creating new user (Messaging)



  • Prakruti Hindia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Xavier, 

    Thank you for providing detailed feedback. 

    Currently, the external id is surfaced on hover over the authentication badge. We are working on - 

    • Associating the messaging ticket with an existing user , if the external_id already exists in the system. And create a new user, if the external_id does not exist in the system. 
    • It will be attached to the external id field in the User object. 

    - Prakruti

  • Xavier Bernard

    Amazing, thank you Prakruti Hindia for the update and for taking the time to post that list. I appreciate it.

    Looking forward to this, this will help streamline our operations!

  • Shayan Moussawi

    Prakruti Hindia Just to try to understand this correctly. 
    Once enabled would this also allow us to create end-users with web-widget authentication, with the external id and email submitted with the JWT payload without requiring the additional SSO authentication which is far more complex to implement?

    Like, lets say a JWT Payload with the end-user information is passed to Zendesk (including Email and external id), but the user decides to contact us 4 days later down the line via Email, would the information still be visible within Zendesk?

  • Prakruti Hindia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Shayan,

    The external_id will need to be encrypted using the shared secret. Assumption is that the end-user has been authenticated by your product / business using SSO or login. 

    We will be considering the end-user reaching out via messaging with email address and the end-user emailing in as different users now. This is to prevent impersonation. However, we will be able to indicate the end-user as single user and support the experience you described, once we support encrypted email in the future. 

    - Prakruti

  • Mateo Ansaldo

    Hi Prakruti!

    When do you think the next function may be published?

    • Associating the messaging ticket with an existing user , if the external_id already exists in the system
  • Nikki

    I think that my request here is the same but just on regular Chat, and we don't use SSO. Someone starts a chat, but that person has previously had an email ticket exchange with me before. Once they enter their email address in the chat window, ZD should recognize this person as an existing user and merge the two, for continuity.


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