How do you handle group changes and solved tickets?



  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Hey CJ,


    I hear you, I just had an admin get bit by this recently. 

    Here's how we're doing things:

    • We make a personal view for tickets assigned to the group/agent that's gonna be changed
    • Add the new group to the agent's profile and set it as default
    • Bulk update the tickets in the view from old agent/group to new agent/group
    • Remove old group from profile

    We use a tool called Lovely Views for our view management and it really helps with this problem too. It lets you select all ticket pages pages and run bulk updates in the background. I can do 1000 tickets in one shot that way easier than the max 100 at a time in the native UI with page flips every 30 tickets. 

  • CJ Johnson

    Thanks for this suggestion! I ended up setting up a trigger that explicitly listed the name of the agent who the tickets needed to "return" to and had conditions that if I was the one who updated the ticket, and the status didn't change from solved, assign it back to that agent. I then just had to manually update the trigger "per agent" that needed a group change. I was hoping for a solution where I wouldn't have to do anything special before removing a group, where I could set it up that if a ticket changed assignee without changing status from solved, set it back to the first assignee, but I think that's just not possible at this time. 

  • Strategic CS, LLC

    Hi CJ,

    Any chance you could share that trigger? My SSO provider accidentally changed all my agents to end users so all Solved/Closed tickets were reassigned. I'm looking for a way to assign them back to the last updating agent and this may work for me.

    Thank you for your help!


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