Best practices for discontinuing email as a support channel



  • Jacob the Moderator
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    Hi Allen, that is very interesting, I've wanted to do the same multiple times in the past, but have not had the necessary support from the organization.
    Apart from the technical best practices, I would put a lot of emphasis on that message sent when requesters try to contact you via email. It needs to have a strong value proposition, it needs to convince them that it is worth the inconvenience and actually to save them time and effort, and provide a quicker and better resolution of their issue.
    1. I don't see why it wouldn't, but if you have a sandbox available, it is a good idea to test out numerous scenarios.
    2. If your webform is in Zendesk Guide, a password reset should be possible for users. You may also consider adding a web widget on that login page to assist with this use case.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks, Jacob the Moderator! Adding a web widget on the login page is a good idea.

  • Tom McLellan

    Hi Allen Lai | Head of CX at, thanks for sharing this - it's an interesting question of how and whether to remove email support.

    I did a related post ( and wondered if anyone has any metrics or experiences on this before seeing your post. 

    If you do discontinue email support, it would be interesting to hear how you managed the "Can't login" scenarios and how / whether it changed any key metrics. Thanks 


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