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    Orsolya Forster
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you for the feedback David Brown!

    I'm marking this as feature request for future dataset extensions.


  • Phillip Stewart

    Please expand the Guide data set.  The ability to drill down to see usage by specific user groups is critical.

    With the current Guide data set, you can only drill down by "role" (i.e. agent / anonymous / end-user). 

    But "end-user" is a too broad a category --- for us it include all customers and even our own (non-agent) staff.  We need to be able to see the data for specific customers, and separate our internal (non-agent) usage from our customer usage.

    The Support data lets you query by "Organisation" --- this would be great to have in the Guide dataset too!    Or even to be able to filter by "user segment", which seems to be a more Guide-centric way of grouping users.

  • David Brown

    CJ Johnson if true, this is not great. I use the restricted section effectively as a space for on-demand training, with articles containing instructional videos. I really would like a means to know who has and has not viewed the content. I am very interested in having access to that level of insight.

  • CJ Johnson

    There is no way, as far as I know, to use Explore to find out who exactly viewed an article, even if you are only asking about agents who are signed in. There is nothing that ties the viewer ID to agent IDs or anything on the dataset that would let you translate a viewer ID into an agent name, unfortunately. 

  • Miguel Salas

    David Brown - I know that Article ID, User Name (your agent), and Date are captured when an agent attaches an article using the KC app. You can confirm this by opening ZD Explore > Zendesk Guide > Knowledge Capture, then scroll down to Knowledge Capture activity by agent >  and select "Drill in" for the "Linked articles" of whichever username you're looking to analyze. 

    With that in mind, perhaps you can build a report that shows you a list of your agent names + any Article IDs they've used during any given period. You can then require the agents to attach articles from your restricted KB as internal notes to a ticket (via KC app) whenever they've read/used them, effectively capturing the event for your Agent Name + Article ID + Date report?

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  • W

    Another vote for this feature. Would like to know which of our customers/orgs is looking at any given article to give us insights into development of those features, or similar features, based on which "branch" of our customer base is looking.

  • Lou
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2022

    Here's a couple of queries that might help you:

    Counting the agents who use the knowledge section

    Help center article views within 30 days of creation

    The second one might need some tweaking to remove the 30 days of creation criteria.


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