ZD Explore Tab Width too Small



  • Maude
    Hi Danny, 

    The width of your tabs will depend on the width of the dashboard, and the number of tabs you have. 

    If you have too many tabs for your dashboard to display their whole titles, they will indeed be truncated, and you will need to hover them to see the full title.

    As a workaround, what you could do is adapt the width of your dashboard, as I did below. 
    You can see that I added 20 "Untitled" tabs, and adapted the width of the dashboard to 2300px, in the section "Dashbaord". This way, all my titles are displayed.
    You will also need to play with your browser zoom function to zoom out and see the full dashboard. 

    What you can also do is individually adapt the size of the tab title, by clicking on one tab and opening the tab title section. 
    The default size is 18, but you can reduce that to see more text. 

    Hope that helps! :) 

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