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  • Christopher Stock
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    Hi S. A. Armstrong Limited, there are a couple of ways you could do this. One would be to setup an SLA policy for your tickets that specifies a Full resolution time of 72 hours. You can then use the SLA dataset in Explore to report on the percentage of tickets where that target has been met. Here are some resources that may help with this method:



    The second option is to create a couple of custom metrics on the Support - Tickets dataset in Explore. The first would be a count of tickets with a full resolution time under 72 hours:

    The second would be to work that out as a percentage of the total solved tickets:

    That should also give you what you need.

    Guidance on creating custome metrics can be found here:


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for jumping in with that solution, Christopher Stock!

  • Sarah Seiwert

    Hi there, I'm a novice at creating custom metrics. My situation is very similar where 50% of our tickets should be fully resolved < 24 hours. I'd like my monthly report to show where we are at for this KPI, but my report is yielding weird results. I've named the first metric as "Solved 24 hrs": 
    IF (VALUE(Full resolution time (min))<=60*24) 
    THEN [Ticket ID] ENDIF

    The second metric called Solve 24 hrs % and reads as:
    COUNT(Solved 24 hrs)/COUNT(Solved Tickets) - I didn't have a COUNT(Ticket Solved) as pictured above, so I selected the closest thing available. 

    When I run a query with Count(Solve 24 hrs %), I'm getting a result of zero. Did I select the wrong aggregator? My goal is to see a percentage of tickets for each of my departments in the last 30 days. 

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Sarah, 
    I think you can adapt this recipe to display your percentage -- use SUM as your aggregator, and then go to Display format in order to tell it to display the result as as percent: Explore recipe: Determining satisfaction scores for your agents

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