cancel subscription ! I receive and pay invoices and want to stop subscription !




    How is it possible, that I can't stop a subscription ? 


  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Christopher,
    The account owner (by default, the person who signed up for the account originally) can cancel the account at anytime under the url: **[your domain]**
    Scroll down and click the link labeled Go to Cancellations.
    Please note that refunds are not offered for mid-term cancellations per section 3.2 of our Master Subscription Agreement and that the cancellation of your account is immediate, so be sure to export any data prior to cancelling.
    For more information on managing Zendesk subscriptions, see Viewing and managing plan subscriptions
    If the account owner is no longer available and you need to change the owner, see Changing the account owner
  • Cesar Serra

    No such link labeled 'Go To Cancellations"...


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