Remove data from pipelines when a contact is removed


  • Wojciech Smajda
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi! Changes won't populate immediately you should see changes within 8 to 24h in your reports 

  • Shaun Chapman

    Wojciech Smajda 8–24h seems a long time to wait in order to have accurate reports. Maybe there could be a way to refresh a specific report? 15–30 mins would be reasonable, but 8–24h seems way too long.

  • Inés Cibrián

    Weeks have passed and I still don't see the changes. Specifically the case I am referring to is that I created some test leads which I then deleted. If I go to the funnel report I still see how those deleted leads are still distorting my statistics. I hope this clarification helps to understand the problem. Thank you.


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