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  • CJ Johnson

    This survey is extremely unfriendly and difficult to see to the vision impaired, you may want to consider this in future surveys. 

  • Harper Dane
    Zendesk Luminary

    The survey form doesn't touch on many of the pain points I've experienced with the Beta builder, so I thought I'd add my additional feedback here.

    I managed to get 1 whole widget added in beta builder before I started hitting roadblocks. I understand that this is a beta, and missing features are to be expected, but sadly I can't see how to get anything done with it in current state. It's a real feature-gap shock for those accustomed to the freedom of the classic builder.

    Some of my personal pain points right now: 

    1. Unable to add additional tabs.
    This one's a major deal-breaker for us. We rely heavily on dashboard tabs to organize large amounts of data into digestible sections. Our Customer Support dashboard contains some 10 (completely full) tabs for various KPIs; it'd be utter chaos to put all that on a single tab, and our teams cannot be expected to open 10 separate dashboards just to review their data.

    2. Can't overlap widgets or move them into an occupied space.
    Sometimes I want to create a text block which slightly overlaps a query, or I simply need to drag and drop widgets to swap their positions. Widgets can't be overlapped at ALL in the new builder. Rearranging content is an extremely tedious process of first dragging everything from the target area out of the way into a clear spot, dragging the desired widget into that clear spot, and then taking all the widgets you just moved out of the way back to where the other widget was.

    3. Color, styling, & formatting options are extremely lacking.
    For example, only 2 background colors are available for text blocks (transparent or white).
    Middle- and upper-management types are universally visual creatures. I rely heavily on color-coding and formatting to clarify results and draw the eye to important notices.
    Data, no matter how relevant, has no actual value if key decision-makers and stakeholders can't interpret it properly.


    All that said, I really like some of the features Zendesk has envisioned for this version of the builder. The dynamic access control, in particular, would be a huge time-saver. I currently must maintain multiple versions of the same dashboard (omitting certain tabs from certain teams). If we could use the beta builder to add tabs to a Dashboard and restrict visibility on certain tabs, that would be fantastic.

  • Hope Saldana


    I have really enjoyed some of the new features with the new builder. The access limiting by viewer and the fast response times are great. 

    I do agree with Harper's comment - especially points 2 and 3. These are primary reasons I still use the classic builder. I would add one more thing to Harper's list and that is the inability to use the "Exclude filters" feature in the beta builder. Sometimes you want one report to stay constant while others can be changed by filters. In the classic builder, you can click the dropdown on the report and choose "Exclude filters" to further customize the function of the dashboard. Very handy and definitely needed in the new builder. 

  • Walter Bellante
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Harper Dane and Hope Saldana,
    thanks a lot for your feedback.

    I want to reassure you that tabs and exclude filters will be available before the GA of the new dashboard builder.

    As for rearranging content quickly, I recommend using either the "Align to top" or "Align to left" layout options. They allow you to swap the position of two components quickly.

    Regarding additional styling options, we are currently gathering the most important options to include post-GA.

    You can review the list of planned features here.


  • Claire
    Zendesk Luminary

    The absence of Ctrl C/Ctrl V to copy/duplicate charts is a deal breaker for me.


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