Chat: apply tags to end user in Support (not only to one chat session)



  • Sarah Darmawan
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Nikki,

    The best way to achieve what you're looking for on Chat is to use authenticated visitors - this would allow you to identify your returning visitors and their past interactions. After which, you can set visitor tags (end user tags) by means of the available APIs (Web Widget (Classic), legacy Chat Widget) and set a trigger condition based on that to send a proactive message. 

    On that note, you can also consider transitioning to our Messaging solution, where it fits your use case for persistent conversations. The proactive messaging feature for the solution is currently scheduled to go live in H1 2023.

    Hope this helps!

  • Nikki

    Thanks for the ideas. At first glance, authenticated visitors might be the best solution, but we're not likely to move that direction right now. I was looking for a solution that I could handle myself without involving my development team. 

    Messaging might be something for me to consider after proactive messaging is available.


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