Issue with welcome message on instance with multiple brands



  • Amie Brennan

    Hi Daniel,

    I can confirm this is not a ZD bug. It's the way Zendesk is designed. 

    It would be expected for the customer to receive 2 emails as you noted. The first is their welcome email to Zendesk, and the second is the email notification in regards to the new request which has been submitted and contains the ticket ID for their reference. 

    In my experience with my Zendesk customers, I find that they note in the welcome email that Brands A B C D E are a part of parent company X.

    Customers are generally ok with you indicating that Brands ABCDE are apart of Parent Company X and then it all makes sense to them and it doesn't worry them so much. 

    I would recommend for you to update the wording which is sent out in the welcome email to customers. 

    Also note that there are still a bunch of multibrand limitations when utilizing the multi Brand feature inside Zendesk. Check this article here for the full list of known limitations - Multibrand known issues

    Hope this helps. :)



  • Daniel Velasque

    Thank you very much for your valuable contribution Amy!
    I understand what you are saying and in fact, before uploading the first post, we carry out the configuration you mention, taking into account the existence of a parent brand X, from which the welcome email arrives to register, and then if we can track your ticket from the corresponding brand.
    For us and from a technical perspective it is a viable path, but to tell the truth, from a point of view as a customer or customer experience, it is not a very transparent solution, let alone a very happy one.
    As I was saying, before the post we have proposed and configured it so that it works like this, improving the writing of all the texts, but unfortunately our client considers that it is an unclear practice for his client portfolio.
    As an alternative, we are about to implement a solution that controls when a ticket is created, if the applicant is new, directly mark their account as verified, so that the welcome email does not arrive, and for the only time, in the ticket notification email created put the welcome texts etc.
    Already in the successive tickets that the client sends, he will not receive this notification, for this we will have to handle a flag that indicates this situation.
    It's a great patch, but we can't think of another solution.



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