Explore - Allow 0 values to be shown on time axis


  • CJ Johnson

    This is so important to consistency and readability! The other place I want this is when I have the same report going out every month, and it shows how many tickets had each reason from a custom field. If in May nobody chose one reason, the May report lists 4 total reasons, but June and April have 5. I just want my report to output the same rows and columns each month, even if the value for that cell is 0. 

  • Terry Knox

    Came searching for how to have my reports that show certain types of contact by month to show every month, even if there wasn't any contact. Very disappointed to see it can't be done. 

  • matan albag

    We need the ability to filter by ticket count.
    We need a report of all orgs with the number of tickets = 0, past quarter.  Currently, ticket count is not a metric we can put a threshold to, and adding just tickets created date, will go filter to only orgs with tickets created for that duration. I need all orgs to show regardless of their count of the tickets created. Even if its 0 it should show. so either a date filter or an option to filter per ticket count <=> x, in a selected duration. 

    Currently, there is no way to get a breakdown of all tickets count each org has for a desired duration.
    And even if there was an option, If they had 0 tickets, so they won't show as its a filter of positive number only, and not a threshold based ( =>0 )

  • Shawna James
    Community Product Feedback Specialist
    Hey Pat, thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback and I want to apologize that this post has gone some time without a reply. I want to note that this has been logged for our PM team to review. For others who may be interested in this feature request, please continue add your support by upvoting this post and/or adding your use case to the comments below. Thank you again!

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