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  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    Hi Jennifer Yim,
    Some of the things that come to mind:

    • Allow us to configure columns with standard and custom fields that mean something to us on the Organization page, Search results, Customers list, Organization List and the Home page.
    • Let us move the Tags field around on a Form
    • Let us collapse sections of the fields in the Agent UI on a ticket (like the requester/assignee/CC area)
    • Let us "pop out" the Apps from the right sidebar on a ticket
    • Allow us to hover on the Requester name and see their User profile from a ticket
    • Let us configure "hover text" for a field on a ticket in the Agent UI
    • Let us link and show linked tickets more easily for all ticket types - allow Problem/Incident type behavior and let us configure whether it auto-solves related incidents.
    • Give us the ability to configure when an SLA should go yellow based on our own config on each SLA.

    I'd love to be part of this! Please email me to Zoom :D

  • Jennifer Yim

    Hi Heather Rommel

    Thanks so much for your thorough feedback! I noticed Dan invited you to the 8/25 session so looking forward to e-meeting you then! As my team focuses on the data side of page UX configurations around the availability and the order of data like fields, text, label, I will take away the feedback on configuring column fields, seeing user profile fields of the Requestor, and configuring "hover text" for a field. I will raise awareness of the rest to the other team in charge of the UI side of configurations around the availability (hide/show) and the placement of UI components.

    Re: easily linking and showing linked tickets (tickets <-> tickets), the ability to link relationships between two objects was 100% GA released on July 27th and should be available. Please let me know if you're still unable to add a custom field with the "Lookup relationship" type and see it on a ticket for you to link to another ticket.  

    A couple of clarification questions for you:

    • By Search results, do you mean the ability to configure columns in the tickets list page when you navigate to Ticket Views in Support?
    • Can you explain what you mean by "move the Tags field around"? Possibly a scenario example would help?

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